Quantitative research provides accurate data on the studied population, with statistical representativeness that varies according to the size and type of the sample.

Quantitative research is deep, conclusive and implies interviewing a large number of people, data can be statistically analyzed
Qualitative research is exploratory and implies interviewing a limited number of people, the data being not statistically representative of the studied population.

Qualitative research studies in their depth: motivations, emotions, perceptions, feelings that make people act in different ways.
We have extensive experience in conducting sociological research - over 12 years.

Over time we have been able to identify the most accurate methods of measuring public opinion, both at national level and at the level of specific and difficult sub-samples.





Avangarde Socio-Behavioral Studies Group is a non-partisan market research institute established in 2005 that informs the public about the public agenda, the attitudes and trends that shape the society.

Our Institute conducts opinion polls, demographic research, content analysis, and other scientific research in the field of data. We are conducting independent opinion polls about Romanians' attitudes regarding politics and major policy issues, studying the changes that take place among Romanian voters by measuring long-term trends, as well as punctual and topical questionnaires on current issues.